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Bog Demonstration (by acb)

Bog is a Dojo Duelist created by Acb. He is a dark pink/violet/purple stick figure with an acid liquid body.


Bog's background is a complete mystery; all that is known is that it is a monster without a moral compass. It will fight other sticks without rhyme or reason, dissolving their body and minds with his blood. However, sometimes he usually teams up with them to defeat other stickmen. However, it depends on his decision to join either side or kill them all to satisfy his blood lust and hunger.


Bog is a strange creature. He displays random emotions to his opponents- possibly to throw them off when fighting, though he is most commonly shown being sadistic and masochistic through and through. He's extremely dangerous and will attack all living beings nearby. However, Bog's emotions can be more blood-lust. If he doesn't eliminate his enemies/prey for a long period, it would result that the enemy/prey would trigger an extreme adrenaline spike. When this happens he will start going berserk and driven to madness making him more aggressive and dangerous but also more careless and reckless. This means that the longer a battle is drawn out, the more dangerous Bog will become.

Weapons & Powers:

Acidic Blood/Body

This is Bog's trademark power. His acidic body is completely malleable to his whim, being as strong as a regular stick or as vicious as slime. He can trap foes in acid and overwhelm them. His anatomy is a mystery. It isn't even known if he possesses organs since fatal wounds to vital areas have little affect on him.

His blood is a lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)-like substance. Any contact with his opponents will cause tissue/skin damage similar to burns and emotianally and mental distress by anomalous means, damaging them physically and mentally.

Bog can also make miniature spawns of himself that can act on their own whim but tend to obey Bog's commands. Should Bog's regular body be rendered unusable in any way, he can transfer his consciousness into one of these spawns to fully regenerate.


Bog has extreme regerative capabilities. His regeneration will happen even faster when he reattaches lost body mass such as lost limbs. However, he is weak to fire, as it is shown that it tampers with his regeneration. During a battle, when Bog was possesing Yupia, he accidantly made Yupia completely vaporize his other body with her plasma energy.


Bog can possess someone when any of his physical body mass goes to their head, corrupting them for his own purposes after beating them in a mental battle. When Bog posseses someone, he can choose to take complete control of that person by being inside them or controlling them externally when his full body remains out side of the person meaning Bog will have to focus on controlling multiple bodies at the same time.

He can re-emerge from bodies being possessed by him by exiting through a wound or body orifice when he decides he no longer needs them.


Bog has shown to have extraordinarily strength. He can even punch his fist through Yupia's head. He can effortlessly restrain others using his strength. He can also use his strength in comination with his liquid body mutation ability.

Speed Burst/Berserk

Bog is slower than the average duelist. His has shown to be sluggish and even lazy. Bog however has extreme speed that he sometimes brefly uses in battle. He uses these short speed bursts for dodging and approching his opponents with increadible speed, in seconds even. Bog has an extreme blood-lust. If his bood-lust isn't satisfied after a while in battle Bog will go berserk. When this happens Bog will be driven mad and become even more aggressive but will tend to be even more careless than he already is. His speed bursts will also be faster, last longer, and used more often by him during this time.

Mental Cognito Hazard

Bog himself seems to be a cognito hazard to all of his opponent/prey around him. His mere presence will cause fear, paranoia, emotional/mental distress, and hallucinations. This often causes his opponents to act v. His hallucinations will become even stronger when contact is made with his skin or acid-blood.


Bog has magic abilities but little is known about them and the extent of their power since he rarely uses them. His magic is seen being used in his Demonstration when he fired purple, etherial projectiles at his opponent. It is also seen being used in his mental battle with Gildedguy. He may also be using magic during his berserk form, as an additional pair of white glowing eyes will apper above his normal eyes.



vs Malus - Trophy.png
vs Crylex - Trophy.png
vs Blue - Trophy.png Losing.png
+Yupia; vs Syn & Hue - Unknown.png
vs Gildedguy - Losing.png
+Larry; vs Giant - Trophy.png
vs Aeon - Losing.png


  • It has been over a year of Bog's absence. Acb, the creator of Bog, hasn't posted any updates on the character, leaving Bog's status inactive.
  • Bog's origins of how he got the personality of always smiling without stop: He was once someone with a serious expression rather than a grin. Before getting into a short fight with a swordsman, the swordsman encourages him to smile. Mid-battle, Bog began smiling again and didn't stop. It has leaded Bog into a state where smiling and being sadistic is his nature during battle.
  • Bog is rather a chaotic neutral character. As while he focused on preying, he showed a bit of humanity inside of him, which demonstrated as he did not try to kill Larry (Instead allied with him to defeat the giant) or Yupia. The fact is that he has demonstrated to even begged Yupia to let him eat without disobeying her orders. It is shown that Bog is rather an anti-hero.
  • Bog and Yupia seem to be friends or allies, as they often team up to fight others. They also share an irrational hate for other people.
  • Bog made a cameo appearance in Duelist Demo - One created by Hyun.
  • Bog usually appears as an outside context problematic antagonist because he is an unexpected and unpredictable abomination.