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Towering above the quiet forests of North-West Cier lie a bastion of stone and magic that has persisted for millenia. Steadfast through countless wars and apocalyptic events, MicFortress is a gleaming example of Cier’s unwavering ability to face and overcome insurmountable odds. Surrounded by an aura of mystical grandeur, the MicFortress is the center of knowledge and wizardry; devoted to the meticulous study and documentation of RICE and its properties.

Practicing magic at an early age and applying it to their daily lives, the people of the Fortress are highly adept in translating their abilities into combat, creating a unique style of arcane fighting exclusive to the region. The scholars and wizards are well renowned to hold great knowledge and power; pushing the frontier of magical arts and understanding to protect and keep peace throughout the West. Despite its intimidating and impressive silhouette looming over the region, this highly esteemed institute is more than welcoming to those willing to study within its ancient walls.


Much of the Micfortress Domains is situated amongst dense woodlands, rolling hills, and raised plateaus. Protected reservations house many species of animals unique to the region, a result of countless experiments and tests to further the knowledge of the magical arts. Located on the highest plateau, the Fortress looks over the southern landscape, waterfalls trickling down and painting the landscape with elegance. The occasional woodlands and forests dotting the domains seem to emanate magical energies, attracting strange and almost mythical creatures.


As the name suggests, Micfortress is indeed a grand fortress of dark stone and tall elaborate spires, exuding both pride and grandeur to those who marvel upon it. The architecture can best be described as neo gothic, a colossal arrangement of buildings that include massive libraries housing an impressive collection of magical tomes and scrolls. One can also observe grand lecture halls, laboratories, and even test chambers where new spells and incantations are observed. The streets are usually bustling with scholars and students alike, rushing to their next chambers to attend the next research session.

Technology / Wealth / RICE

Unlike other regions in Cier, MicFortress runs almost entirely on magical energy, spells, and incantations. Instead of technological advancements, MicFortress instead vys for magic equivalents to run their daily lives. The source of this magic almost entirely consists of the RICE collected and traded amongst their neighboring allies from Bahp. The seasoned scholars from MicFortress have meticulously studied and tested the effects of RICE and magic, finding methods of unleashing the resource’s fullest potential by extracting mana, the stabilized concentrated power within. Mana enriched wands and staves are meticulously etched and shaped in order to enhance spell casting arts. Although highly effective and powerful items, they still require years of training and practice to master.

People and Culture

MicFortress is a society that incorporates magic in their day to day lives. Even at a young age, children are taught basic techniques in spell casting by their parents before enrolling them into wizardry schools. It is expected of every native in MicFortress to know some form of spell casting and magic, else they could be seen as illiterate by a wizard’s standards. Although standards are set high for the locals, outsiders are welcomed generously and greeted with specialized courses to teach them their way of life and magic. The MicFortress schooling programs are known to be rigorous and demanding, taking years or even lifetimes to master their advanced arts.


Having worked with and hosted the Seraphs during their ancient war with the Somnians, the vast majority of MicFortress citizens are followers and practitioners of Seraphism. That being said, MicFortress as a whole has been more open to Systemism in recent years, as per their recent acceptance of all walks of life in their magic institutes. MicFortress’s government is run by a council of elected representatives, each representing an aspect of MicFortress as a whole, such as representatives for Military, Education, or Culture.


MicFortress was one of the first civilizations to have taken records of events of Ancient Cier, having been a key supporter to the Seraphs, the Fortress itself acted as a forward command post when the Somnians were backed into Somnus. MicFortress has always participated in wars throughout Cier, regularly allying themselves with the morally just side, and acting as aid rather than a primary belligerent. This is most evident in their participation in the Cierian War, where MicFortress’s top wizards utilized RICE to cast a dome over Bahp Town, protecting that region from aggressors.

There is a well known feud and tension between the people of MicFortress and their neighboring allies of Navia due to their interlocked history. During the Great Downfall when RICE was spread upon the Micfortress Domains, a large portion of their northern territories lifted from the ground, creating a series of enormous floating land masses now known to be Navia. The stranded Navians gaining natural magical abilities in sorcery now clash with the wizardry taught at MicFortress, constant debates and disputes about who is superior in magical ability run deep within the two societies even to this day.


  • Micfortress is named after Miccool, because he's cool like that.

Cierite Drops
20% 40% 10% 10% 10% 10%