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Zaheer vs Red Blade

Red Blade is an animated RHG (Rock Hard Gladiator) and Dojo Duelist created by MarkXD. He is a red stick figure, with a white scar shaped like a lightning bolt on his left eye.


Inspired by watching RHG fights on tv, Red set a goal to join the RHG tournament and fight for glory. He began a search to find an unusual weapon for his battles. He then sneaked into an old temple that contains a sword and a dragon scroll. Opening the dragon scroll for the first time, it levitated the sword to the sky beaming lightning to the sword then crashing down on Red's head giving him a scar on his face. Red soon felt different, amazed and excited he can feel sparks flowing through his body and the sword. Now his awesome journey has begun.

After the RHG tournament, he later on joined Dojo Duels to find more challenges.

Weapon and Power

Lighting Soul Sword - This is Red's primary and only weapon. It claims to be made out of Vibranium.

Lighting Manipulation - He can retract and absorb lightning from the sky or any source with volts of energy. He can also use this power to increase his speed movement.


Red appears to be here for the fun of it, with an easy going and chill personality. His fights are very short and doesn't seem to take any thing too serious. He is in a relationship with Faziri.


Dojo Duels


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