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- The Ruins of Somnus are a series of structures now shrouded by the hallucinogenic mists of the Veil, thought to been built by an ancient race known as the Somnians. Though much remains unclear about the Somnians, it is known that they were an extremely advanced civilization: artifacts from Somnian ruins employ materials and mechanisms absent in nearly all Cierian technology (except that of Aether), and have often far surpassed it in both efficiency and ability. Outside the Veil, Somnian ruins are sparsely scattered throughout the various Cierian regions, and it was through these that the existence of the Somnians was first discovered.

Prehistoric studies indicate that the Somnians disappeared from Cier at roughly the same time as the Archangels. Extremely limited speculation suggests that the Somnians were the “Enemy” which the Archangels fought with in the cataclysmic war depicted in the scriptures of Seraphism, and similar indications of such a war exist within Systemist myth. The destruction of Somnus itself, said to have formed with the end of the Somnian-Angelic war, is one of numerous phenomena that give insight into the fate of both races. Some speculate that this resulted from an Archangel superweapon, while others believe it to have been fallout from Somnian technology failure.

The Somnians are thought to have frequented Aether: an increased Somnian presence in the region has been cited as the reason for greater technological advancements in Aether and creation of the religion of Systemism. Older Systemic texts indicate that the religion, founded after the supposed disappearance of the Somnians, originally focused on worshipping the ancient race and aimed to “repair the System”, restoring the Somnians that were worshipped as near-deities: this likely alluded to the destruction and “anomalies” such as the Veil created, as a result of the aforementioned Somnian-Angelic War. However, the edicts of Systemism are mostly far removed from these origins, with its beliefs and practices shifting over the years to focus on technological progress and upholding the Somnian legacy.

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20% 40% 10% 10% 10% 10%

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